Top 3 Trade Show Booth Themes

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When brainstorming creative ideas for your trade show booth, you have 2 options: You can build a standard display just showcasing your brand, which is what most exhibitors do and will result in your booth blending in among hundreds of similar setups. A better solution is going for an outside-the-box theme that will make you stand out and have visitors flock to your booth.

Here are the top 3 trade show exhibit themes:


Depending on the type of product and service you are promoting, taking your visitors on a trip is a great way to attract their attention. For example, a trek gear company could build a mountain-themed booth while a cooking ware brand could set up its display like a kitchen.


It’s no secret that people love caffeine and hanging out in coffee shops. A proven strategy some companies have been using is turning their booth into a coffee shop offering free snacks and coffee. If you make it welcoming and comfortable, –  consider renting lounge furniture – you will be able to recreate a cafe experience. This will not only bring plenty of visitors but they will stick around, giving you the chance to present your products in a casual atmosphere.


If you’ve been to CES or even the LA Auto show, you probably noticed that the booths that featured gaming pods and activities had the longest lines. Don’t be scared, this doesn’t mean you have to develop your own game as well. For example, car manufacturers often offer driving games while one of our tech clients had us build a race track to showcase their drones at CES.

All you need is imagination and, whatever idea you might have, we will work with you to make it happen as we specialize in building, transporting and installing custom trade show exhibits.

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