Looking for custom gaming pods?

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Having worked on plenty of major trade shows and events, we can tell you that gaming pods are absolute crowd pleasers which can be used for various industries. While, of course, this is the best way for gaming companies to showcase their latest releases and create buzz, they can also be employed to promote a wide variety of products and services. For example, if you go to the LA Auto Show, you will notice that many car manufacturers use them to make guests experience driving their vehicles. Last but not least, they can be installed for pure entertainment at parties and special events, from brand activation to launches, premieres and birthdays.

Why Choose RCS Custom Exhibits for your gaming pods and workstations?

custom game pods

custom game pods

We have years of experience designing, building and installing sophisticated gaming pods  and playing positions at major gaming and tech expos such as PlayStation Experience, CES and E3.

Using the latest CNC (computer Numerical Control) technology, our expert engineers, craftsmen and builders can create any type of gaming pod and workstations including cockpits, gaming booths, walls with built-in screens as well as private gaming rooms.

Our gaming pod design and building process involves full customization:

Workstation Chairs: The shape and material used for seats will be adapted to your virtual experience – car seats, pilot seats, etc. – providing comfort and style (leather, fabric). In addition, seats can optionally include storage space to keep consoles and VR headsets.

Webcams: video cameras are usually installed to film guests while they’re playing. Depending on the style of the pod – vertical or horizontal – this might require building an additional support area to set up the webcam so it properly captures the gaming experience. Other important details to take into consideration when designing a pod is making sure the materials used will not create camera glare.

custom game pod construction

custom game pod construction

Screens: It is common to add screens outside the structure so that passersby can watch the games being played as well.

custom game pod construction

Wiring: Hidden storage areas are usually built in the back of the pods for screen, console and electrical wiring. In some cases such as the cockpit on the right, all the wiring has to be set up and hidden under the platform’s floor.

Exterior: A wide variety of options are available, depending on customers’ needs. Popular choices include laminate and paint, the latter providing more customization opportunities such as adding texture or creating a worn-out look. For those who want to go the extra mile, fuselage and aluminum can also be used to make vehicles and aircrafts more realistic.

Logistics: Our service also includes convenient transportation, delivery and professional installation all over California and Las Vegas. 

Check out the following portfolios and videos to see some examples of gaming pods we built for our customers below: