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Organized by the Consumer Technology Association, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is held every year at the beginning of January in Las Vegas, at the Las Vegas Convention Center – 2020 International CES will take place from Tuesday, January 7th to Friday, January 10th. Welcoming more than 180.000 attendees, CES is one of the largest conventions in the US. and, with around 4,500 exhibitors, the competition is fierce, which means it is essential for your trade show booth exhibit to stand out if you want to be successful.

Why Choose RCS Custom Exhibits for your CES display booth?

We have years of experience creating, delivering and installing unique custom trade show booth exhibits displays that have been attracting the attention of both visitors and the media including the attendees’ favorite UVIFY drone race track. We work with companies of any size and whatever your budget might be, we will make sure to respect your vision and build a display you will be proud of – click here for some examples of our latest custom CES exhibits.

Looking for a unique custom trade show exhibit booth for CES?

We’ll make your ideas come to life!

Our skilled engineers, craftsmen and builders can construct everything from small booths and displays to large, sophisticated complex exhibits. Our company has years of experience designing, building, transporting to Las Vegas and professionally installing custom branded booth displays that make our customers stand out at major Las Vegas trade shows, expos and conferences such as CES, the International Travel Goods Show and more events. An extensive knowledge of materials and processes will help determine the best cost-effective solution to bring your project to life according to your budget. Our expert team will then take your ideas & renderings to lead your project from design to fabrication to final installation. We specialize in inline and island booths, double deck exhibits including the following:


Building Unique Custom Exhibits That Will Make You Stand Out

Working with companies of all sizes and budgets, we pride ourselves in building unique, fully customizable exhibits that will make you stand out from other vendors and are sure to attract qualified leads to your booth. The extensive experience and expertise we have achieved at trade shows and major Hollywood events will allow us to bring your vision to life. We can not only build your booth based on your concept but also help you develop from scratch a design that will wow your prospects. With our creative team, the sky’s the limit, check out check out videos and portfolios below of exhibits installed locally at CES Las Vegas and the International Travel Goods Show.  




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