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An event designed to raise brand awareness, brand activation  is usually implemented through innovative, exciting pop-ups. This means that if you want to make it effective, you need to go the extra mile so that it can stand out from the rest of your typical marketing actions.

The good news is that you don’t need to promote a cutting-edge product to have a cool brand activation – it’s all about execution. Having collaborated with world-class brands on pop-up installations such as Yves Saint Laurent, Swarovski and Hublot, here are 6 tips to help you plan a successful brand activation.


Using screens and virtual reality headsets are a great way to get attendees involved. It allows to make them experience your products and services which has a more lasting impact than a passive presentation.


If you’ve been to trade shows, you might have noticed that exhibits that feature games attract long lines of visitors. The same applies to brand activation, which isn’t limited to a booth size. You can either go bigger or smaller and in some cases, you can even use the same installation for both trade shows and brand activation. For example, some clients had us build gaming pods, drone racing tracks, etc.


If you’ve built a solid following on social media and video channels, streaming your event live gives you the chance to broaden your audience without effort.


Talking about social media, you know how influencers – and there are some in any niche – can make a product go viral with just a post. If you make your activation pop-up instagramable, people will be all over it, taking selfies which can quickly snowball in free advertising for your brand. Using custom props can help you achieve this easily.


People like anything free, including goodies, food and drinks. However because activation have a more upscale image, whatever free stuff you offer, make sure you raise the bar above your typical pens, tote bags and cereal bars. Remember it’s all about your brand and you want to make a great first impression, rather than trying to save a few $.


That one might be a bit trickier but it’s very powerful. If you are able to create a custom product just for your activation, it’s great. If however this isn’t possible, create limited edition merchandising like a t-shirt, poster, etc. relating to your business.

RCS Custom Exhibits specializes in building custom pop up activation shops, stands and displays to create interactive experiences between people and products for major shopping malls, sporting events, and festivals. Whatever idea you might have, we will work to make it happen. Check out our Brand Activation Portfolio here.

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