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Held every year in Las Vegas in January, CES is the world’s most prominent technology expo where big companies and new players come present their most innovative products. With an attendance of 60,000+ visitors and around 4,500 exhibitors, needless to say the competition for press coverage and leads is brutal. Add the cost of exhibit space, hotel. transportation, marketing, and, you guessed it, either you go big or go home. Well, in this case, big means standing out, otherwise your return on investment will not be worth your presence there. You should also realize that lots of the companies attending CES are known for their out of the box thinking which also translate into their booth design so it is essential to create a booth that will draw attention.

With years of experience as  a leading Las Vegas exhibit company constructing unique booths for the Consumer Electronics Show, here are a few tips to help you plan a successful CES booth design:


If you check our 3D booth design portfolio, you will notice some very cool futuristic designs that are sure to stand out. The key is that your display should mirror your product or branding. If your product is innovative, this gives you the chance to go bold with some avant-garde booth design. If it’s more conventional, you can still use some cool architecture or build a smaller version of a store. It just needs to show you put extra effort into it.


If you’ve been to CES, you know that visitors go there to work and play … and they certainly play hard after hours t if you know what I mean. So this is one of the rare cases where you can mix business with pleasure by making your booth interactive and playful. Some of our most successful clients certainly understand that from gaming companies brining playing cockpits to a drone manufacturer having us build a drone racing track which was a sure hit! Once again, if you choose this direction, make sure it matches what you have to offer. Your other option here is using technology to present your products, whether it’s flat screens, tablets, apps or virtual reality headsets which can help experiencing what you have to offer. Last bot not least, you might consider props which are visually arresting and fun – our custom prop shop experts can create anything you want.


Paying attention to detail, no matter how small, will not only say a lot about your brand but also attract attention and visitors to your booth. This includes everything from the use of colors – do your homework when it comes to color psychology – to lighting – backlit signage is very effective and one of our specialties.

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