Using Social Media to Promote Your Custom Exhibit Booth

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While lots of companies focus on creating custom exhibit booths that will attract attention and visitors at a convention center, they sometime forget about building momentum ahead of a trade show. There is however an easy way to give an extra push to your trade show marketing effort by simply using – you guessed it – social media.

– communicate your booth # and location: Use Facebook and Twitter ahead of time to let your followers and potential customers know where you exhibit display is located so they can find you.
– offer incentives to make sure to drive foot traffic to your booth, mentioning giveaways, contests, freebies on social platforms.
– create anticipation by promoting a product launch or letting the world know about something exciting you might offer on-site – for example, it was a no-brainer for some of clients who had gaming cockpits or drone race track.
– take pictures and videos during the event and post them live on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Google Business, etc.
– rinse, repeat the same actions on your company blog.

These 5 tips can of course be used at any convention, expo, trade show in the US, whether it’s locally in Los Angeles, Anaheim or miles away in San Diego, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Miami, etc. If you’re ready to spend a few extra bucks, you can also promote your posts on Instagram, Facebook and even advertise with Google Adwords.

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