How To Create A Successful Brand Activation

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Designed to drive consumer conversions through direct brand interaction, brand activation is a marketing tool that can prove very effective if used wisely. Here are a few essential elements complementing our previous top 5 tips to help you create a successful brand activation, based on our experience working with major brands.

An Essential Element of the Marketing Mix
Brand activation is often overlooked, lots of brands ignoring that powerful tool. However, to be effective it should be used part of your marketing mix, in coordination with other actions, rather than as a stand-alone element.

Have A Long Term Vision
Brand activation is about building brand awareness, generating future rather than immediate sales so plan something that will make a lasting impact until customers are ready to take action.

Adapt To Your Niche
Knowing your customers is the foundation of any marketing mix and your brand activation should match their profile. For example, when we worked with French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, they wanted to create something chic, sophisticated and extravagant which matched the brand and their customers. As you can see on this YSL pop-up portfolio they certainly hit the mark.

Do Something Unique
If your brand activation looks like any other activation, chances are you won’t leave a lasting impression and fail to catch your potential customers’ attention. To make sure they remember you when it’s time to make a purchase, surprise them in a good way with something different. There are many ways to achieve most particularly by being very creative or playing the humor card. Because most of us are affected by banner blindness, creating an experience that engage senses will surely make you stand out and get noticed. Use audio, video (screens, screening rooms), even smell and touch if applicable. Not only this will strike a note with your leads but also give social media exposure as people love to post pics and videos on platforms such as Instagram.

Hire Professionals
Since your goal is build brand awareness you want to make sure you create a perfect image. Don’t try to save a few bucks taking the risk to create a Mickey Mouse job. Hire a professional brand activation company like RCS Custom Exhibits to make sure your brand activation is flawless, just the way you envisioned it.

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