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In a crowded environment such as a trade show, standing out is essential as attendees tend to suffer from banner – or should I say booth – blindness as they walk past hundreds of exhibits like yours. Studies show they only have a couple seconds to notice your display before moving to the next so you want to make sure your graphics will be effective enough to make a great first impression and grab their attention.

Here are 5 tips to help you maximize the impact of your trade show graphics.


Before developing a visual strategy for your booth, you should make sure your graphics represent your brand. Choosing the right font, color and images is important and you should do your homework to follow your industry’s guidelines. For example, fashion brand logos can be bold and colorful while electronics manufacturers tend to feature more austere logos.


There are two major types of graphics placements:

Big graphics can be used to be seen from a distance and attract guests to your booth. If you want to go this route, we recommend using hanging signs which are one of our specialties (see example above).

Standard size graphics are the ones designed to get you noticed as attendees walk by. They can be free-standing signs, rotating logos, inlay wall backlit dimensional letters, banners or posters.


You should take into consideration color psychology as each color is associated with a different emotion. On an aesthetic standpoint, you should have a cohesive color scheme where everything is in harmony. For example, your booth carpet can be the same color as your logo.


Just like colors, the material used should reflect your branding. Besides being printed on banners and posters, graphics can be created with various materials such as foam, lights, metal and wood. Obviously something like wood has a rustic feel while metal can convey a more modern image.


If your brand isn’t renowned yet, using taglines and images are a great way to complement your logo and quickly showcase what your activity is about. You should make sure they are on par with your logo when it comes to font style and color to keep it cohesive.

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