Let our expert builders bring your custom

trade show overhead hanging signs to life!

Do you want to make your exhibit stand out at any trade show, convention or expo?

Overhead ceiling signs are the best way to draw attention and attract visitors to your display booth, giving you a competitive advantage over all over exhibitors.

As an exhibitor, you know it can be challenging to get noticed as hundreds of companies like yours are vying for visitors’ attention in the big mazes that trade shows are. With endless rows of similar displays, attendees tend to get overwhelmed after a while, suffering from exhibit blindness. In addition, even the prospects who have your booth # might have a hard time finding you – if you’ve been to the Los Angeles convention center you know what I’m talking about!

A trade show hanging sign will not only make you stand out but it will provide increased branding opportunity while helping potential customers find your display easily.

Why Choose RCS Custom Exhibits for your overhead hanging sign?

Our skilled engineers, craftsmen and builders can construct any type of hanging sign or any budget and industry. An extensive knowledge of materials and processes will help determining the best cost-effective solution to bring your project to life according to your budget. Hanging signs features include:

  • Fully custom hanging signs in various sizes, styles and shape including circular, rectangles, squares, triangles and more
  • Branding opportunity with your company logo and message.
  • High quality materials.

Our customers have been trusting our company for years and the exhibits we built and installed have attracted visitors at major Las Vegas, Los Angeles, nationwide trade shows, conferences, conventions and expos such as CES, E3, Playstation Experience, Travel Good Show and more. Our expert team will take your ideas & renderings to lead your project from design to fabrication, transportation and final installation  and US convention from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, San Diego, Long Beach, Anaheim, San Francisco, New Orleans, Chicago, to name a few…

Check out below some examples of custom hanging signs we created for major trade shows and click here to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at our overhead hanging sign manufacturing process.

Custom Trade Show Hanging Sign created for Playstation Experience

Custom Trade Show Hanging Sign created for Playstation Experience in San Francisco.

Custom overhead ceiling hanging sign created for E3

Custom overhead hanging sign created for E3 in Los Angeles.