Trade Show Etiquette Tips

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While having custom exhibits that will make your booth stand out guarantees you will attract visitors to your trade show display, your ultimate goal is of course converting them into customers. Even if you have the best salesmen in the world, expos are a whole different animal and your staff should know the trade show etiquette basics in order to be successful in this environment.

Here are the top 5 trade show etiquette tips:

Greet your visitors: be cordial, smiling, making eye contact so you can draw attendees in your booth while avoiding the typical salesman pressure.

Dress the part: Go for a business casual attire so you can look professional while adapting to trade show relaxed environment.

Focus communication on customers: Your staff should only be speaking to your visitors, not between each other, putting the emphasis on listening, rather than talking. They should also be standing to welcome them, even they can later bring them to a lounge area to go over products and services in detail.

Keep food and drinks away from your booth: Having staff eating and drinking is a major turnoff for guests so make sure they do this during their break at the food court areas. However, you can of course present custom branded water bottles or food that are used as giveaways.

Keep your booth clean and organized: You want to ensure you make a great first impression by having a spotless booth as your display is the first thing attendees will look at.

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