Top 5 Custom Trade Show Exhibits Ideas To Make An Impact

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Trade shows are a very competitive place for vendors to gain visitors’ attention and if your booth don’t stand out, your return on investment will most likely be low. With years of experience building custom displays for innovative clients at major trade shows such as CES, we know what are the best practices so here are our top 5 custom trade show exhibits ideas to make a lasting impact and win customers.

Attract Visitors from multiple directions
You want people to notice you and find you from whatever direction they might be coming from. That’s where installing a branded hanging structure which can be viewed from different angles comes into play – check out the one we made for Pico Interactive at E3 in Los Angeles.

Make Your Display Fun to Make It Memorable
Providing a fun experience is sure to make it memorable and will make you stand out from all the other boring informative booths. Check out this drone race track created for Uvify at CES Las Vegas or these VR cockpits built for a Playstation Experience’s video game company – that’s something attendees won’t forget about anytime soon.

Provide A Sensorial Experience
Visuals and sounds are a great way to engage guests which is why screening rooms showcasing a product are becoming increasingly popular – see example created for Glyph video headset at CES Las Vegas.

Make Space for a Lounge Area
As you know, trade shows involve a lot of walking and if you provide an area where guests can sit and chill for a moment, you are sure to get your brand noticed.

Make Your Booth Insta-Friendly
People love to take selfies and post on various social media, most particularly Instagram and Facebook. If your display is worth posing for pictures – you can achieve this by creating a unique booth or just using some cool custom props -, you are sure to gather social media attention through check-ins and tags.

Please note these tips are effective for any industry and conference whether it’s here in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim or across the country in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Atlanta, New Orleans or New York, to name a few.

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