Top 5 Brand Activation Tips

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The process to engage directly with your customers to build awareness, brand activation is becoming increasingly popular. Here are a few tips to help you, based on brand activation popups built and installed for our clients in various industries.

Focus on Your Niche Target
Whatever products or services you are offering, you know who your customers are so your brand activation should focus on them to maximize your ROI: both the way you communicate and the message itself should be about them. For example, you can have a sophisticated brand activation for tech and luxury clienteles with for example stylish event furniture and displays while everyday products might benefit from a more straightforward approach and installation.

Provide A Sensorial Experience
Visuals and sounds are a great way to engage guests which is why some companies are using interactive presentations, screening rooms and tablets to showcase their products.

Surprise Your Audience
Consider your brand activation like being at a trade show, which means you need to stand out. You can achieve this by orchestrating some kind of PR stunt, have some celebrity guest – especially easy here in Los Angeles -, play the humor card, create some sensorial experience and have a give away – everybody likes gifts!

Your host ambassadors should not only engage with potential customers but also be ready to answer any questions they might have. It’s also a good opportunity to gather feedback and suggestions.

Encourage Social Media Buzz
Feature all your social media platforms prominently and, more importantly, make your brand activation instagrammable especially if you are in a trendy industry such as luxury goods, fashion, etc.

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