How To Make a 3D Sign Stand Out

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Whether it’s for a trade show, an office lobby, a storefront or pop-up, a 3D sign is a great way to catch visitors attention while enhancing your branding. For your 3D sign to be effective, you should however make sure you create an appealing, clean design otherwise your investment will be wasted on signage that might lesser your brand image.

Here are 5 tips to help you design and build a 3D sign that will stand out.

Select a readable font

While a fancy font might make you look sophisticated, the purpose of a sign is to be readable from a distance which is why standard fonts are the best way to convey your message.

Implement color theory concepts

You should not only use the psychology of colors to evoke the right emotional reactions but also the color wheel to ensure your color choices are compatible with each other.

Combine different materials

Having different materials on the same sign – for example wood and metal – is a great way to make each element stand out rather than having everything blend in and unnoticeable. Use this with restraint though as you don’t want to turn your sign into a visual mess.

Keep it simple

You should focus on having your logo paired with a tagline defining your business. Stick to a few words that capture your brand rather than going for full sentences which would be an eye sore.

Light it Up

For even better results, making it a backlit sign will not only impress visitors but also create a sophisticated feel that will increase brand value.

Follow these 5 easy tips and you should get a great return on your 3D sign investment.

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