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Here is a custom booth created for British Data Productivity company Matillion to showcase their platform at Snowflake Summit which was taking place at the Caesars Forum Conference Center in Las Vegas, from June 26th to 29th, 2023. The company had another exhibit at the same time at DAIS (Data + AI Summit) in San Francisco, which means we had to build, transport and install both displays simultaneously at 2 different locations.

Getting back to Snowflake Summit, our client needed an extensive custom fabrication for a booth set up as an airport replica and featuring informational tickers, airplane seats and well as kiosks.

Booth Design

This replica was fully outfitted with the previous kiosks made for DAIS (duplicates) as well as another large vertical monitor to display an airport style informational ticker. We also built a metal detector with tunable LED lights and airliner seats with custom branding on top of a custom deck with airline carpet.

Booth Construction

The materials used were wood, metal, carpet, fake plants, televisions, tablets and laptops

We found authentic airline seats and designed/built a custom deck that would be able to correctly support the weight by lining up with the airline seat holes. We then ran airline style carpet on top, as well as metal edges to simulate the aircraft aisle way. Seats were complete with company branding through stickers and headrest covers.

A metal detector was salvaged and retrofitted it with brand color LEDs as well as company Logotype.

The kiosks were powered by laptops and tablets. Connecting to a much larger screen on the outside, they were nestled away inside. Allowing us to deploy the company’s AI showcase/photo moment on one, and have an interactive information app on the other. Kiosks were made to have a seamless frame around the television, as well as custom vinyl and brand color paint. All of the kiosks were outfitted with variable speed fans to ensure the tech inside ran smoothly and stayed cool for up to 10 hours of continuous operation every day.

We custom painted and branded a suite of suitcases for the booth to add even more to the feel of an airport and travel.

Color matching was very important for this client, and we spent a lot of time printing and color matching before going into full production across paint, vinyl, direct print, and fabric.

We were in constant communication with our UK-based client, sending them updates, pictures, having FaceTime calls and weekly check ins to make sure they felt they were a part of the process, every step of the way.

Booth Transportation and Installation

Everything was custom built and printed at our Los Angeles shop, transported to Las Vegas and professionally installed at the Caesars Forum Conference Center by our team. Despite our client being on a different time zone, across the Atlantic, everything went smoothly, showing we can work with clients all over the world for any trade show in the US.

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Matillion Snowflake Summit Booth

Matillion Snowflake Summit Booth airplane seat

Matillion Snowflake Summit Booth airplane seats custom built by RCS Custom Exhibits.

Matillion Snowflake Summit Booth departure totem

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