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Here is a custom booth installation created for metal poster company Displate at Comic-Con which was taking place at the San Diego Convention Center from Sunday July 20th to Wednesday July 23rd, 2023.

Our client wanted to promote its metal posters in a very original way.

Booth Design

We created a concept called “please touch the art” to encourage people to interact with Displate’s unique product. To accomplish this, we designed and built two freestanding gallery walls with ornate gold frames and neon LED halo lighting, a custom dimmable LED display case to showcase the product through a range of lighting environments as well as a welcome desk with neon LED halo lighting. The back wall was filled with Displates (magnetic artwork) aligned with two televisions playing content on a loop. The tis were fully recessed into the backwall to create a seamless look and not distract from the artwork being displayed.

Booth Construction

The materials used were wood, Plexi, LEDs, vinyl and metal.

We made two custom totems and a welcome desk with recessed LEDs, locking storage, and vinyl branding. We created templates for the vinyl and die-cut their logotype. We also had golden picture frames made to the dimensions of the Displate.

For the rear wall, we used a laser level to hang the Displates equally, using the company’s proprietary mounting system. For the TVs we measured and cut the frames to create a seamless window to view the screens.

The custom display booth was made with Plexi windows, which would swing open to allow access. The ceiling of the booth had an LED on a dimmer switch which would allow patrons to manipulate the light amount to view the luminosity of the new Displate line.

Booth Transportation & Installation

Everything was custom built in our Los Angeles shop, delivered and professionally installed by our team at the San Diego Convention Center.

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Displate Comic-Con Booth

Displate Comic-Con Booth gallery walls

Displate Comic-Con Booth wit framed art

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