Custom Booth for Matillion at Data + AI Summit

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Here is a custom booth created for British Data Productivity company Matillion to showcase their platform at DAIS (Data + AI Summit) which was taking place from June 26th to 29th, 2023 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The company had another exhibit at the same time at Snowflake in Las Vegas, which means we had to build, transport and install both displays simultaneously at 2 different locations.

Getting back to DAIS, our client needed a simple green-themed booth with branded walls, floor signs, carpeting, furniture and two kiosks that we custom built. One kiosk featured a television and tablet, creating an interactive experience that would scan your face and create an Ai-generated drawing. The other kiosk included a small computer setup, with a screen, keyboard and mouse to demo their technology.

We were in constant communication with our UK-based client, sending them updates, pictures, having FaceTime calls and weekly check ins to make sure they felt they were a part of the process.

Walls and kiosks were custom built and printed at our Los Angeles shop, transported to San Francisco and professionally installed at the Moscone Center by our team. Despite our client being on a different time zone, across the Atlantic, everything went smoothly, showing we can work with clients all over the world for any trade show in the US.

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Matillion DAIS Booth

Matillion DAIS Kiosk

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