Looking for a custom 3D Office Lobby sign?

We’ll make your Company Logo Come to life!

Having a 3D lobby sign is one of the best ways to make a great first impression on your guests and customers as it’s the first thing they will notice when walking in your lobby. Here are the top 3 benefits of having a 3D office lobby logo:

  • it creates a high-end feel. 
  • it increases branding value.
  • it’s visually arresting.

Why Choose RCS Custom Exhibits for your 3D lobby sign?

Using the latest CNC (computer Numerical Control) technology, our expert engineers, craftsmen and builders can create any fixed or rotating 3D sign, logo, dimensional letters as well as backlit signs. An extensive knowledge of materials and processes will help us determine the best cost-effective solution to bring your logo to life according to your budget. 

All our lobby signs are fully customizable and can come in various sizes, styles and shapes from dimensional letters to spheres, squares,  rectangles, triangles and more.

3D Office Lobby Signs

  • Wide variety of materials available including foam, wood and metal.
  • Extensive thickness range from 1/4” to 3′ thick.
  • Fixed or rotating logo options available.

Backlit Lobby Signs

  • LED or Neon lighting.
  • Signs can be made of chloroplast or frosted plexiglass to let light go through. 
  • Inlay wall backlit signs can be a full part of a wall when using CNC (computer Numerical Control) technology.

Transport, delivery and professional installation on walls included for your convenience.

Our customers have been trusting our company for years and we have been building 3D fixed, rotating and backlit signs for businesses, trade shows, Hollywood premieres and events and  from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and nationwide. Check out some examples of 3D signs we built for our customers below:

Custom Built YSL Statue

Custom Built lighted 3D YSL Sign (Yves Saint Laurent)

NBC Olympics 3D sign

NBC Olympics 3D sign