Custom Furniture for Bogner

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Here are a couple custom furniture pieces we built for Bogner, a renowned luxury ski brand that has been synonymous with style and performance since 1932.


We received an urgent request from our client just 2 weeks before their Beverly Hills store launch, asking us  to fabricate 2 custom couches based off of their design.


We built these 2 organically shaped asymmetrical couches to the clients exact specifications. The outline of the body of the couches was constructed from MDF that was CNC cut to ensure an exact match to the original design. Once the MDF top and bottom components were cut, we attached plywood spacers to give the couch its proper height. On top of the spaces, a layer of bendable lauan plywood was adhered to create the organic curves of the couch. After filling and sanding we cleaned all of the wood, hand applied and trimmed the satin black melamine. The couch bodies had to mate perfectly with the upholstery pieces that we also made using the client’s supplied premium fabric. The choice of a commercial grade fabric along with the melamine finish were picked not just for their aesthetic properties but also for their durability as these couches are living in their storefront and will be interacted with by many guests on a daily basis.


We carefully wrapped both couches and loaded them into our truck for an evening delivery on the busy Sunset avenue. 2 crew members carefully unloaded, placed, and site cleaned the couches

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custom asymmetrical couch

custom couch for Bogner

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