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Here is another custom kiosk we built for Teledyne, a technology company specializing in digital imaging, marine instrumentation and monitoring systems. Along the previous model shown here, it was designed to travel to multiple locations and will be activated at least 5 additional times this coming year.


Working in collaboration with the Teledyne team, this kiosk had to be designed to feature a big touchscreen while fitting into standard elevators and doorways to allow delivery to smaller venues such as hotels.


It was built using a mixture of ½” and ¾” MDF sheets for the primary body. In addition we used laminated layers of ¼” bendable board to create the curved edges. The unit was then finished with a high gloss white laminate material for aesthetics and durability. Custom vinyl graphics were hand applied at the end to showcase the company’s logo and information.

This kiosk featured a 43” 4k touchscreen to allow for the user and the viewer to navigate the information in an engaging way. This kiosk also featured a pull out keyboard tray for backup input. There were 2 variable speed fans mounted in the top of the kiosk above eyeline to ensure that the screen and the computer inside stayed cool and ran smoothly.

It was complemented by a white pedestal stand with acrylic cover and internal LED lighting illuminating Teledyne’s 2023 Crystal Cabin award.


We also created custom road cases that are able to fit through standard doorways and elevators while still providing ample padding to the kiosks within. The doors on the larger road case swing fully open to allow 2 people full access to the handles of the kiosk for easy loading and unloading.

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