YSL Activation Pop Up Installation

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Here’s a look at the planning and execution steps involved in the creation of the YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) activation pop up shop which was installed at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

This was a 2-day set up.


We first received images from our client showcasing the look they wanted us to create, which was consisting in recreating vignettes from existing advertising campaigns.

The Ace Hotel being an old hotel (walls and floor date back to 1927) we needed to create a complete turnover to create a very modern / slick look matching YSL’s image.


–  We created a pop up store outside the hotel where YSL could showcase their new products.
–  We built a 10ft high light up YSL statue for the entrance (see picture).
–  We covered the floor of the hotel hallways with gold and black glossy flooring.
–  We built glossy black walls in front of the hotel’s existing walls.
–  We filled the newly created rooms / vignettes with props (bath tub, sink, mirror).
–  Along with the props we built custom elements to recreate the decor of the advertising campaigns: we built a 20ft broken mirror, neon arches for people to walk under as well as giant backdrop made out of vintage red speakers to be used as a photo op.
–  We built some custom displays where the new products were exposed (lipstick, eyeliner..)

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