Trade Show Booth For CES

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Here’s a look at the planning and execution steps involved in the construction of a custom trade show display booth which was installed at CES in Las Vegas.

This was a 2-week project.


Our client – travel technology company Bluesmart – was looking into showcasing their smart suitcase line at at the International Consumer Electronics Show. They needed displays, flat TV screens and a lounge for clients to sit down.


The centerpieces being suitcases of different sizes, a major requirement of this exhibit was allowing visitors to check them out while keeping them secure. To ensure this, we developed and built custom displays with built in locks enabling clients to pick up the suitcases and look at them but not take them away.

Similarly, we also built smaller displays with built in locks for the cell phones so that clients could check the suitcase connected Bluetooth app.

Displays with built in TVs explaining the technology were also created, also officiating as walls.

Last but not least, we also built a lounge for clients to sit down.

All displays were branded, featuring taglines and products specs.

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