Private Room For CES Trade Show Booth

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Here’s a look at the planning and execution steps involved in the construction of a custom trade show booth which was installed at CES in Las Vegas.

This was a 3-week project.


Our client – Video Headset company Avegant – was looking into launching their new product at the International Consumer Electronics Show during the week. They needed a private meeting room as well as a wall with built in display case to showcase their new release.


Because our client was revealing their new product later during the week, they wanted a display case in the center of the booth that would be able to initially hide the product before revealing it a couple days later.

To make this happen, our team built a rectangular display with a glass case using a one way mirror technique. The display was made out of laminate with the client brand on it. The top part of the display was built with lights that could turn on and off. The glass case around the display was covered with a layer of one way mirror material. It was black when the lights were off but when the lights were turned on the glass would become clear, finally revealing the new product inside.

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