Top 3 Pop-Up Shop Design Tips

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Designed to launch a new product, take advantage of a seasonal trend or test a market, pop-up shops are limited-time retail spaces creating a sense of urgency.

Because they require a small investment compared to brick-and-mortar stores, they are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch a business without too many risks if you plan wisely.

Here are 3 tips to help you design a successful pop-up store:

Your pop-up shop design should match your brand, goals or environment. Everything from colors, architecture, displays, logos and furniture should reflect what you are or trying to do. For example, if you are doing an activation pop-up about outdoorsy products, go for a rustic look while if you are tech company, choose a modern look and feel. Adapting to the location of the pop-up is also important, which means you will need a different design if you are in a mall vs at the beach.

Make your space welcoming: Because you are creating a retail area within another environment, it is essential to make it welcoming so that visitors are enticed to come in. This includes everything from the entrance presentation to a layout allowing people to flow freely.

Include technology in your space: technology is a great way to get your visitors engaged. When it comes to presenting your products and services, you can use flat TV’s installed on walls, touchscreen tablets, virtual reality headsets and speakers to convey your message. In addition, you can set up photobooths, selfie stations, step and repeat backdrops which will encourage them to repost, promoting your offerings on social media, youtube and more.

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