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Outdoor kiosks are usually used as retail spaces, information booths and pop-up shops. They are specifically designed to be weather resistant, are way more affordable than your standard brick-and-mortar stores and often located in areas with great walk-in traffic such as outdoor malls, beaches and entertainment venues.

The most common outdoor kiosks offer food and drinks – hot dogs, fast-food, ice cream, pizza, snack, coffee, beer  concession stands-, retail – sandals, sunglasses,  flowers, bicycles -, repairs – phones, shoes – and brand activation pop-ups.  While kiosks were originally just little stands on wheels, they are now sophisticated mini-stores featuring modern designs and cutting-edge materials.

RCS can help you create an outdoor kiosk from scratch for any activity: whether you already know what you want or are looking for outdoor kiosk ideas, our engineers will create realistic 3D designs and plans giving life to your project. An extensive knowledge of materials and processes will then help  us determine a cost-effective solution to build, transport and professionally install your kiosk so you don’t have anything to worry about. To get an idea, check out our kiosk design portfolio here.

With the latest food truck craze, it’s no surprise that lots of entrepreneurs are also looking into taking their business on the road. While we don’t provide truck fleets we can however also get you “covered” for this as we also provide full booth and vehicle wrapping services allowing you to showcase your branding and products on the road – check out examples below.

Last but not least, whatever option you might choose, we can also create professional signage such as A-frame signs, posters and retractable banners to display your menus and special offers.

Based in Los Angeles, our kiosk services are available in California, Las Vegas and nationwide.

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