Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Expo Las Vegas Custom Trade Show Booths

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With the Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Expo Las Vegas coming soon on September 1st 2021, we’ve been getting inquiries for custom trade show booths. The good news is that we are working at full capacity during summer which means our engineers and builders will be available to create your exhibit. However since the whole process involves quite a few steps, from planning to construction, transportation and professional installation in Las Vegas, we recommend contacting us right away if you want to make sure your display is ready for September 1st.

As a reminder, after a year on hiatus, exhibitors like you are coming back in full force, making sure they will have a booth that steamroll the competition. It is therefore essential you create a custom, unique exhibit that will make you stand out. Our team can build a booth based on your ideas or can create something from scratch for you and bring it to life with realistic 3D renderings.

But that’s not all! We can also provide overhead hanging signs that will get you noticed from far away and everything you need to make your booth successful, from furniture to flooring, walls, backlit signs and flat screens.

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