Light Box Rental For Booths & Pop-Up Shops

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One of the most popular products from our backlight signage line, a Light Box is a great vehicle for branding and conveying your message while making your trade show booth, activation or pop-up shop stand out.

Featuring an oversized 47″x12″x90″ LED display, they allow you to prominently showcase your graphics and text, drawing the attention of passerbys and being noticeable from a distance. Light Boxes come with custom decals that can be easily placed and removed, which means you can customize your display whenever you want.

In the age of social media, they are also an ideal backdrop for selfies, increasing your chance to go viral.

Easy to carry and plug in, they can be picked up at our warehouse near you if you’re in Los Angeles or professionally delivered and installed all over California and in Las Vegas.

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Lightbox with furniture.

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