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Freestanding logos are the new way to go if you want to impress your guests while prominently showcasing your brand. In the age of social media, they also offer a great backdrop for selfies, increasing your chances to go viral.

Whatever shape, font and size you might need, Our custom 3D logo team can help you bring your freestanding logo to life. We use the latest computer Numerical Control technology and high quality materials such as foam, wood and metal to build your logo the way you envision it, according to your budget.

Because our work is 100% custom, there are no limits to your creativity:


Standard fixed freestanding logos are great for indoor and outdoor settings. They can be installed by our team anywhere and don’t require any maintenance. The model below was made for NBC’s coverage of the Olympics.

NBC Olympics 3D sign

NBC Olympics 3D sign



Rotating freestanding logos are visually arresting and will without a doubt make your sign stand out. They can also be installed anywhere but require a power source. On the example shown below, the gear driver behind the G is rotating, with the power supply hidden behind.



Lighted freestanding logos are the best option for nighttime events, whether it’s inside a venue, club or on a trendy rooftop – see example. They also require a power source. The logo below was created for a Yves Saint Laurent pop-up launch at an 1920s  theater in Los Angeles.


Floating freestanding logos are the nec plus ultra for pool parties – this one was made for a Givenchy product launch.

Floating Logo

Custom Freestanding Floating Logo

Our customers have been trusting our company for years and we have been building freestanding logos for plenty of Hollywood premieres (check out this X-Files logo), luxury brands, activations, private events and trade shows.

Freestanding logos can be picked at our warehouse near you if you’re in Los Angeles. They can also be delivered and professionally installed all over California and in Las Vegas.

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