Do Trade Shows Work?


With the emergence of new technologies and virtual trade shows, some companies have been wondering if exhibiting at traditional trade shows is still worth it, especially as the cost is pretty steep.

Well, based on feedback from some of our clients and data, the answer is a definitive yes.

A lot of major trade shows such as CES, WEFTEC have been going virtual because of COVID and after talking to some clients, I can tell you that, in most cases, they found that virtual experience very disappointing. While you certainly cannot blame expos which are doing their best to adapt to a difficult situation, the overall feeling is that leads were scarce, resulting in a poor results.

Another important element to take into consideration is looking at the numbers. According to stats compiled by the website, the average cost for an in-person meeting with a prospect at a trade show is $142 vs. $259 when meeting at a prospect’s office. 87% of exhibitors find expos highly valuable for their business while 77% of decision makers found at least one supplier at a convention.

As you can see, trade shows are still a very effective part of the marketing mix and pay off, delivering a good return on investment. If you are planning to attend an industry event, having an exhibit that stands out is the best way to attract the most visitors to your booth. With years of experience building custom exhibits for major, innovative brands, RCS Custom Exhibits can help you maximize your success at trade shows.

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