Dimensional Letters For Comic-Con Event

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Here is a backdrop made of Dimensional letters we built and and installed for an off-site Comic-Con event.

This backdrop was part of an installation provided for entertainment wiki site Fandom at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, California during Comic-Con.

The 8’ high x 12’ wide backdrop was created assembling 3 rows of dimensional letters in 3 sizes with various designs. It was complemented by lights at the bottom.

As you could have guessed it, this backdrop proved to be popular for selfies, increasing the opportunity for the brand and event to go viral.

Custom 3D letters can be made in a wide variety of materials – including foam, wood and metal – and thickness – from 1/4” to 3′ thick. They come in fixed, rotating, self-standing styles.

Dimensional letters can be picked up at our Los Angeles warehouse, delivered and professionally installed all over California and in Las Vegas.

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3D letters

3D letters (8’ high x 12’ wide)

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