Looking for a custom neon sign?

We’ll make your logo / brand come to life!

Do you want to make your business, event or trade show exhibit display stand out? Neon signs are a great way to draw attention while providing increased branding opportunity. Not only they are eye-catchy and can be visible from the distance day and night but they provide a great background for selfies and effortless social media promotion.

Why Choose RCS Custom Exhibits for your neon sign?

Using the latest technology, our expert engineers, craftsmen and builders can create neon signs in any shape, color, size and style to accommodate your texts and logos. An extensive knowledge of materials and processes will help us determine the best cost-effective solution to bring your sign to life according to your budget. Neon sign features include:

  • Neon lighting provides high visibility and great nighttime functionality.
  • Materials:  Signs can be made of chloroplast or frosted plexiglass to let light go through.
  • Power: plug in or battery operated for more convenience.
  • Installation: they can be easily hung on walls, inlayed in walls or stand on their own.

Our customers have been trusting our company for years and we have been making neon lights some most recognized brands in the world including Variety, Yves Saint Laurent, Smirnoff  and more.

Neon signs can be picked up at our Los Angeles warehouse, delivered and professionally installed all over California and in Las Vegas.

Check out some examples of custom neon signs we created for our customers in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and nationwide:



YSL Custom Backlit Sign

Yves Saint Laurent Custom Self-Standing Neon Sign

Smirnoff Neon Sign with Custom Turquoise Swing

Smirnoff Neon Sign with Custom Swing