Plexiglass Dividers For Desks

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RCS’ Custom Shop is proud to introduce its new line of Plexiglass dividers for desks.

Easy to sanitize, they are specifically designed for schools to keep kids and teachers safe while enforcing social distancing guidelines.

Our plexiglass dividers can be installed on any type of desk, including individual student desks and classroom tables where they can be used as partitions.

Available to own or rent in standard sizes, they can also be created in custom sizes.

We also offer other social distancing screens for schools:

  • Fixed and mobile dividers can also complement school desks, used as bigger barriers between various classroom and library areas.
  • Sneeze guards provide increased protection for staff and students in school offices and cafeterias.

All plexiglass dividers are available to purchase or rent with convenient delivery in California, Las Vegas and pick up at our Los Angeles warehouse.

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plexiglass dividers for schools

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