Customizing Exhibits with Modular Aluminum Frames

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Here is a behind the scenes look at one of our secret weapons when it comes to building fully customized exhibit structures: modular aluminum frames. Extremely light and reusable, they allow us to build exhibits in any shape to bring your vision to life.

From a simple wall to more complex booths with rooms, they can easily be transported and installed in any configuration of your choice. Wall panels featuring printed designs, decals or 3D signs are then added, creating vibrant displays that make your brand and products stand out at trade shows.

To get an idea, you can check the following pictures of exhibits we custom built using this modular frame system. The first one, for Alby, features a couple walls with different sizes and shapes while the other 2 have more complex layouts with doors and storage rooms in the back.

Everything is built locally at our shop in Los Angeles, can be delivered and professionally installed on location.

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modular aluminum frames

Alby trade show booth

Leclanche expo display

Fibrant exhibit booth

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