Looking for a modified container for a shop, pop-up event, festival?

We’ll custom build your container for you!

As pop-up events and festivals continue to gain popularity, and with the ever-increasing pressure to achieve visual impact in the social media landscape, the need for businesses to differentiate themselves has become paramount. Shipping containers offer a creative solution, enabling companies to establish a distinctive and eye-catching presence.
Thanks to their standard structure, shipping containers offer a lot of versatility, allowing countless customization possibilities that can be tailored to any brand’s identity and vision. Being highly customizable, shipping containers are capable of serving as retail pop-up shops, immersive brand experience activations, comfortable lounges and seating areas, or even eye-catching trade show booths. In addition, shipping containers are easily deployable to multiple activations, maximizing their value and effectiveness.
Whether you need an experiential retail pop-up, an immersive brand activation, an eye-catching trade show booth, RCS Custom Exhibits can customize a shipping container to fit nearly any need and will take care of your project from conception and design to construction, delivery, and professional installation.”

Why Choose RCS Custom Exhibits for your modified shipping container?

Using the latest CNC (computer Numerical Control) technology, our expert engineers, craftsmen and builders can personalize your container according to your needs, including cutting, wielding, painting, creating 3D signs and more. An extensive knowledge of materials and processes will help us determine the best cost-effective solution to bring your project to life according to your budget. 3D Signs features include:

Our customers have been trusting our company for years and we have been providing custom builds for major trade shows, Hollywood premieres, private events and businesses from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and nationwide. Check out some of the latest examples of modified containers built for our customers below:

custom shipping container
modified shipping container
branded shipping container
modified container shop